December 17, 2019

Design Intentions In One Of World’s Iconic Cities

Why would any famous city in the world be given iconic status? Well, there could be a long list of reasons peculiar to the city selection. For instance, what is the first thing you notice when flying into Paris? The Eiffel Tower, of course. And for visitors to your city, what are the most sought after icons that need to be viewed and visited. Amongst other iconic venues and structures, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.

You can waltz down or go under the boardwalk when you visit Staten Island. You must see something, obviously, when you visit Times Square. And so on and so forth. Forget about Fifth Avenue at the top of Manhattan, but it’s even become quite expensive to live in Brooklyn. It’s been a growing trend for many years. People of note and people of worth have been wanting to invest in legacies and cultural icons in a few of the great city’s developed Burroughs for many years now.

The accomplished design intentions of the professional architectural design new york ny studios do not necessarily have to exploit the city’s characteristic features and icons to any great lengths but they are at liberty to exercise their creative license. But one of the world’s great cities having come a long way since its crime and grime years, the professional architect finds himself having to utilize his engineering background extensively in order to adhere to and/or complement City Hall’s many, many municipal by-laws and zoning regulations.

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Another trend taking off is that of greening the buildings. A good example of where that has been done is where it all happened a few years back, at the time of writing this note. And it feels like a lifetime already.

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